The Fate of the Redundant Furious

Explosions, zooming cars, and crime bound heists are all things you see in The Fate of the Furious – as well as every other film in the franchise. The eighth installment of the saga is just about the same as it predecessors except for a few U-turns.

Unlike the previous Fast and the Furious flicks where there is actual logic to the storyline, The Fate of the Furious is hard to follow especially if you’ve never seen any of the movies. Could this be because of new director F. Gary Gray? Gray is no rookie when it comes to directing action-packed films, as he has done so with Law Abiding Citizen, Set it Off, The Italian Job, and The Negotiator. But none of these action crime-thrilling motion pictures directed by Gray have ever had a prequel to set the tone. Oh why did director Justin Lin have to leave us? Despite the fact that the movie is only two hours and 16 minutes long, it feels as if you’re watching it longer than you stand in line at the DMV. Director Gray takes too long to get to the climax and end resolution in the film.

For the most part the acting in the latest addition to the series is quite mediocre. If it wasn’t for hilarious remarks made by Tyrese Gibson as Roman and the snarky wit exuded by Jason Statham as Deckard, the movie would be like just like every other action film. Over the years the Fast and the Furious chain has picked up new faces to add to the cast, and The Fate of Furious kept that tradition alive. In the Fast and Furious 7 sequel Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron as Cipher, a digital-age criminal, shines in her role as the main antagonist, although was her character in the film necessary? Of course there always has to be a bad guy or bad woman in this case, but Theron’s character just seems super random. Newcomer Scott Eastwood proves that talent may have something to do with genes (btw Scott Eastwood’s dad is Clint Eastwood) as he stars as Little Nobody, an off-the-grid federal agent successor to Kurt Russell’s character Mr. Nobody. I don’t know about you but every Fast and Furious film is like a new episode of FOX’s Empire, where in every episode there’s someone new with a hidden agenda or personal issues.

The Fate of the Furious is a must see for fans, because regardless of its many flaws it’s interesting to see the movie continue without lead star Paul Walker. Although if you haven’t seen the Fast and Furious series it might feel like a driving Miss Daisy bore.

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