The Broke Style Guy: How to Shop for Your Look 

“Hi, welcome to blah blah are you looking for anything in particular today?” Uh no, I’m just endlessly wasting my money and time while looking for something that I’ll more than likely return in two weeks after I have fly Instagram post of it, but thanks I’ll let you know if I need anything.

First off don’t judge, we’ve all bought an outfit, worn it, and later returned it and that’s okay. The tip to being a pro-shopping dapper gent and avoiding the overly customer service oriented sales associate is to have a plan when shopping for your next look.

Take into account what type of look you are going for. Is it edgy? Is it tailored or streetwear inspired? Knowing your style can rule out retailers that don’t offer the look you want. For instance you wouldn’t go to J. Crew for distressed denim and an oversized tee. Or maybe you would, but trust me you won’t find that there. That’s why I’m breaking down where to shop for your look.


The Sweden based retailer offers a wide variety of streetwear items from washed-and-worn looked concert tees to on-the-go joggers. There are even a few items that will give you that Kanye West kind of style so you too could look like “Yeezy taught me”. H&M is also a perfect store for basics like simple cotton jersey t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and sweatshorts that you can easily dress up or dress down. If you have a decent amount of basics in your wardrobe all you need is a few accessories and shoes, and before you know it you’re stylin’ my guy.


The ultimate shopping destination for all your tailored look needs. Let’s say you want more of a casual tailored look, then I suggest a pair of J. Crew’s stretched chino pants with a solid slub cotton shirt and a pair of Vans for J. Crew sneakers. Top this look off with a nice casual statement watch and a pair of look-alike Ray-Ban sunglasses (yes look-alike because who’s wants to pay $125 for sunglasses that you’ll probably lose or end up sitting on).


Zara is a very unique retailer, based in Spain the brand tenders to those who have more of a combination type of style like modern and tailored or clean-cut streetwear. For this spring and summer try a bowling-collared printed shirt with a pair of cargo trousers and all-white sneakers.


Now for those who are broker than me or that just simply love an occasional thrift, thrifting at a local thrift store is the best place to shop if you have more of a vintage style. From throwback Tommy Hilfiger to anonymous pieces of clothing that are in trend now more than ever, the thrift store has it all but at times can be hit or miss. When thrifting you must have patience, don’t expect to find the what you’re looking for in one visit, and if you do I completely envy you.

So now that you know how to shop for your next look, maybe you could buy me something? You know, sort of like a finder’s fee. Yes, maybe, no? It was worth the shot. Remember I’m The Broke Style Guy, till next time my friends. Stay broke.

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