Men Can Be Feminist Too

In today’s society it has been dubbed if you’re man and you’re a feminist that you are gay. But how does supporting women’s rights make you gay?

Think about it, how would you feel if someone told your mom that she can’t earn a particular amount of money because she is a woman? You would be pissed, right? I know I would, I’m a college student and I ask my mom for money at least three times a week. So if for no one else your mom should be a reason alone as to why you support women’s rights.

Through social media, television, and entertainment we ourselves have constructed these bullheaded opinions of what it is to be a man, and what is to be a woman. A man is always manly and never shows that he cares about anything, unless it’s about how good a woman looks in a tight pair of jeans. And a woman is to sit back and look pretty and speak when she is spoken to. What kind of crap is that? These societal norms or ideals are the exact reasons why we can’t achieve gender equality.

Men have to get out of this mindset that their beliefs or interests dictates whether or not their gay. For men we’ve have set up these guidelines or rules for ourselves that makes it unrealistic for us to share who we really are. From saying no-homo when joking around with a bro to not wearing something because we think it looks gay or too feminine. Men are afraid to speak up for what they believe in, so if you ask me it seems like women are the ones with balls.

3 thoughts on “Men Can Be Feminist Too

  1. I love this post in all honesty I think it takes a lot to admit the issues men have, with you being a man and all. I think you did a great job showing your voice and view on this topic in a respectful manner. The way you grasp the reader by making them think about their mom is a great tactic and even me as a woman thought about the ideology of it. I also agree with your ending statement, seems to me women are the one’s with balls too, haha. Good Job Brian.


  2. Brian, once again, your lead is well-written and draws the reader in. You know how to relate to your audience and capture their attention. Your passion is obvious in this post and leads to a strong opinion, which persuades me to think more about the topic of gender equality. Wow, your concluding statement made my jaw drop. Powerful. Good for you for putting yourself into the shoes of a woman, so-to-speak, ha, and viewing it from our perspective. Now that takes balls.


  3. I like your perspective here… I have never seen this topic put this way. Thank you for standing up for such a topic that requires such a passion. It shows that you have a strong mindset that will take you very far in life my friend!


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