It’s Not Winter But It’s Not Spring

The month of March is on the rise and it’s now time to get your spring wardrobe in order, but before you can do that you have to get over this awkward weather that’s a cross between winter and spring. Don’t worry I’ll help you out.


First, it’s out with the outerwear and in with cardigans. Pair it with collard shirt or a graphic tee and a cardigan will be your best friend this season. If you have more of an edgy sense of style the cardigan will give your look a more tailored vibe, which is perfect for a look that can go from work to play.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots were the most coveted shoes of the fall, but just because the weather is 75 degrees and sunny doesn’t mean you can bust out a pair of suede Chelseas. In the spring and summer I’m all for simple looks that make a statement, and you should be too. Take a pair of fitted light-washed jeans and pair them with tan suede Chelsea boots, and you’re on your way to being a style aficionado. For the shirt just about anything goes, it doesn’t seem like the concert tee trend is going anywhere, but if that’s not your style try a simple white button down.

Urban Outfitters Suede Chelsea Boot, $89


Now when it comes to spring and summer most people would say that the color black is a no-no. Although I disagree, black is a yes-yes. All black looks are perfect for the night, and if you must wear an all black look for the day brighten it up with accessories and possibly a denim jacket. Accessories with vibrant patterns or pastel colors will keep you from looking like you just left a funeral.



4 thoughts on “It’s Not Winter But It’s Not Spring

  1. I like your interesting fashion suggestions for the awkward season we are experiencing currently. I would have liked you to have done a suggestion for men and women. I think you would reach more readers if you did suggestions for both, even though you are a man, I trust your judgement. If women do not like your suggestions, oh well at least you tried it, but who doesn’t like a little assistance when picking outfits for this awkward weather.


  2. Hi, Brian. I love your writing style. I can already tell I’m going to enjoy reading your entries. For those questioning what the heck to wear tomorrow, frustrated by the constant weather change, your “Don’t worry I’ll help you out” is comforting and inviting. I also like how you use subheadings to categorize what you’ll dive into next, preparing the reader. I liked the “yes-yes,” too, and your funeral line. Way to add a dash of humor into your fashion review.


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