The Broke Style Guy: Yeezy Season 5

Who would’ve thought that one day Kanye West’s designs would actually be wearable? In past Yeezy Seasons we’ve seen overly stressed distressed hoodies, nude spandex-like clothing that leaves little to the imagination, and weird pieces of clothing that would make you feel like a homeless-combat streetwear guru.

Although with the NYFW debut of Yeezy Season 5 you can look and feel like Pablo himself, while also looking like you at least have $200 to your name. Because let’s face it, after you purchase anything Yeezy Season $200 is probably all you have left in your bank account. The price points for Yeezy Season 5 have yet to be released, but based off of previous seasons there will definitely be a pretty penny to pay.

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In addition to the new sportswear inspired collection Kanye West also unveiled a new Yeezy sneaker. And despite the great abstract color and style detail of the new sneaker, I feel as if it looks like a pair of tennis shoes a 8-year-old kid wears on the first day of school, and as the kid walks the shoe lights up.

Yeezy Runner. Source: SOLEXCHANGE

Yeezy Runner. Source: SOLEXCHANGE

One thought on “The Broke Style Guy: Yeezy Season 5

  1. I agree about the shoes. I don’t know why anyone would spend a pretty penny on his shoes when they can go to a shoe store and get them for probably $10. The quality can’t be much different. It’s insane that people are going to buy these shoes.


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