Immigration Ban Trumps Fashion

Immigration is one of the most sensitive issues in American politics, but immigration affects so much more than politics, consumerism, and the workforce of America. And you would think that since just about every person who has ever made a purchase or simply stepped outside their home this issue would be second nature.

Although if we rewind a month ago to President Trump’s immigration ban and how many people, companies, and industries spoke up in opposition we notice that for a brief moment it seems as if everyone voiced their opinion in unity. However when I read an article from Business of Fashion (BoF) titled Fashion Industry Remains Silent at Trump’s Immigration Ban’ by Imran Amed I realized the one industry that should have had the most to say about the ban was the most quiet.

We all know that fashion is heavily influenced by different cultures and people from different backgrounds, so you can only imagine the amount of shock I felt when I learned the fashion industry remained quite silent. In the article Amed mentions that “BoF emailed executives at LVMH, Kerning, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta for comment”, but received no answer or a response declining to comment.

Why is that? Is it because the designers of the brands voted for Trump? Is it because the designers supported the immigration ban? Or is it because in today’s society we rather be politically correct than to speak out against things we disagree with? It’s a shame that we can’t speak out against a social issue, but we can live tweet with FOX’s Empire and binge watch endless episodes of reality television.



3 thoughts on “Immigration Ban Trumps Fashion

  1. Brian, great choice of topic to cover. You did a good job connecting the immigration ban with the fashion industry driving home strong points. I learned a lot from your article–very informative–and I appreciated you citing another article within your text for reference. I can relate to your frustration, as I’m sure other readers do about none of the big-name fashion executives commenting on such an important issue. Well-written.


  2. I had no idea the fashion industry remained silent. I would think they would have been among the first to come out and say something.


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