So You’re Single and It’s Valentine’s Day

Heart-shaped boxes, fluffy teddy bears, and dozens of red roses can only mean that Valentine’s Day is near, but for us single folks or individuals who have yet determined our “situation-ship” Valentine’s Day is like receiving a singing telegram where the chorus constantly repeats “You’re lonely, have a nice life.”

Call me salty or bitter, but Valentine’s Day just seems like another day for corporate companies and retailers to make some extra bank on their basic products that simply have a heart slapped on the front with the words “be mine”. Man, consumerism is a grade A pain in the ass.

Now that I think about it maybe I am a bit salty. But c’mon you have to admit it’s kind of absurd how people get caught up about Valentine’s Day. Like if you actually love someone shouldn’t you tell them and show them everyday? Not just one day of the year.


To make sure that I’m not just being one sided, I enlisted the opinion of Asiah from Asiah’s Tea.

A: Hey, Asiah here. You are bitter, just so you know and maybe I’m bitter too because I agree. As a girl, not having a Valentine puts you in the position to have to find anti-valentine’s day events and how lame is that? I kick box five days out the week and on Valentine’s Day they have an anti-Valentine’s Day where you can tape a picture of your ex to the bag and punch it. What kind of BS is that? Now we’re just assuming that everyone has an ex and I don’t like it, although there are a couple of past guys that I’ve messed with that I’d love to punch in the face.

This post is for all the single people out there this Valentine’s Day, I’m so glad I’m not you. Luckily I have a date with me, myself, and I.

This opinion post is from Opinion & Persuasive Writing taught at the University of Texas at Arlington.

2 thoughts on “So You’re Single and It’s Valentine’s Day

  1. I loved this post so much! I can totally relate, but I think you shouldn’t overthink it. It’s just another day and not having a significant other doesn’t mean you’re any less.


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