Free Press Costs a Pretty Penny

Although the evolution of social media and the whirlwind of citizen reporting has changed the way we receive news, one burning question still remains. Is there still a free press?

With a 140 character tweet or 10 second Snapchat video, people have a platform to address social issues, current events, and simply what is on their mind. It may be great that people today are full heartedly exercising their freedom of speech, but this right or ideal is diminishing the one right that protects journalists.

For instance CBS News Reporter, Sopan Deb was arrested in March 2016 while covering protests in response to Donald Trump’s cancelled Chicago rally while on the campaign trail. While filming a protestor, Deb was arrested without warning and was later charged with resisting arrest. Contrary to his arrest charges there was video of Deb informing police that he had press credentials.

It’s because of this incident and so many others that idea of a free press is long gone. As member of press how are you suppose to do your job or feel safe while doing your job if you’re prosecuted for doing so. I’m afraid that now with Trump in office journalists will eventually no longer have a say so in news.



This opinion post is from Opinion & Persuasive Writing taught at the University of Texas at Arlington.

4 thoughts on “Free Press Costs a Pretty Penny

  1. This article is a great explanation of how free press in America is certainly losing value. The title of your post makes a lot of sense after reading the article and I love it. I believe the facts of the reporter who got in trouble was a good example of how “free” press really is. I like how you got straight to the point about this issue.


  2. Free press has indeed become a right that has diminished right before our eyes. It is scary to see how reluctant future journalists will be to report valuable information to the public. Thank you for being so truthful and honest about the issue of free press in relation to journalism.


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