Excuse Me Professor Banks Is There Any Extra Credit?

Supermodel, television host, philanthropist, and now professor? Yep, that’s right Tyra Banks will soon be teaching a class at Stanford University, but the renowned supermodel won’t be giving lectures on “How To Walk the Runway 101”.

Co-teaching with Stanford lecturer Allison Kluger, Banks’ course will be titled ‘Project You: Building & Extending Your Personal Brand’ and is set to be available in the upcoming spring semester. According to ‘Poets and Qaunts’, a website dedicated to covering the news of business schools, the appointment of Banks’ new gig came about after she attended a discussion that was featured in the Stanford Women in Business leadership series.

Tyra is definitely one celeb who doesn’t have trouble building a brand, after obtaining a career as a model, TV host, actress, and much more it’s no surprise she is qualified for the job. Although her certificate from Harvard Business School’s nine-week program for executives probably gave her an extra edge as a job candidate.

Chances are Tyra will be the best professor a college student could ask for, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see the end of the semester professor evaluations.

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