5.5.16 | Outfit of the Day

If you haven’t noticed yet olive-green is definitely one of my favorite colors for this season. In a previous ‘Outfit of the Day’ post I mentioned how the color olive-green has been a big color trend for the fall, but I also mentioned how it’s a trend for the summer as well. In the summer olive-green will pair well with anything that is a desert tone, khaki, or denim.

In today’s OOTD I decided to do something different and do all olive-green. I got the idea after seeing a couple of men’s lounge sets, that have shorts and a shirt to match. Lounge shorts are the new gym shorts as it’s easy for them to go from a day out to a day in the gym. How you differentiate the two looks though is by accessorizing. For the gym there’s obviously no accessorizing, unless you’re into being iced out while lifting weights but hopefully you’re not. For the day out look wear the dopest sneakers in your closet that compliment the colors the most. All white sneaks are always a plus. As far as accessories go include a few bracelets and a watch that will stand out in your look. For olive-green you can never go wrong doing gold jewelry or accessories that have a brown or wood-like finish.

Now that I’ve broken down a few style tips for this look let’s get to the details! Below I’ve listed where you can purchase the items featured in this OOTD, and also the retail price at the time of purchase.

Shirt: Target, $9

Shorts: Target, $20

Sneakers: Nike Air Max 90, $100

Sunglasses: H&M, $9

Hat: Urban Outfitters (Obey Clothing), $20

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