Brian K. Reviews | Jason Markk Essential Kit

It’s a grade A pain when you get your favorite sneakers dirty, especially if they’re all white like my pair of Nike Air Max 90’s. After reading “10 Tips on How to Clean Your Sneakers” from Complex Magazine I stumbled across Jason Markk’s “Essential Kit“.

The signature kit from the shoe cleaner brand includes a 4 oz. bottle of their Premium Shoe Cleaning solution and a brush. Before I purchased the kit I made sure I read the reviews, which you should always do before buying a product. I purchased my Jason Markk kit from Nordstrom for $16 and it received 4.7 out of 5 stars. Also if you read Complex Magazine you know they’re the all knowing when it comes to sneakers.

At first I was a bit skeptical about paying $16 for shoe cleaner, mostly because the most I’ve ever spent on it was $5. Also I’m in college and if you work it right $16 can be three meals and movie ticket. All jokes aside my sneakers aren’t as dirty as the ones you may see on the Jason Markk Instagram account, but they definitely needed a touch up. After using the Premium Shoe Cleaner and the brush I can completely tell a difference in how clean my shoes are. See for yourself.

It’s almost as if my sneakers are brand new and if you too are in desperate need of a shoe cleaner that actually works try the Jason Markk Essential Kit.

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