3.24.16 | Outfit of the Day

It’s Spring, but Texas doesn’t seem to think so. Even though the weather is a bit chilly I didn’t let that ruin today’s ‘Outfit of the Day‘. In today’s look I incorporated a denim jacket to still give the feel of spring, and if you look closely my accessories also brighten this look up a bit. For spring and summer switch the boots out for your favorite streetwear sneakers, and if it gets hot like it often does here opt the jeans out for shorts or khaki pants. A denim jacket is the most versatile article of clothing, it can easily transition through all of the seasons.

3.24.16 OOTDThis season brighten all your looks with accessories. You may not know it, but accessories can make or break an outfit and some of your favorite stores have some of the most affordable ones. One of my personal favorites is H&M. The popular brand almost always has a deal on accessories, ranging in a retail price from $3 to $10 often. If possible I will later do a post or video about sales and where to shop, but for now let’s get the scoop on today’s OOTD details.

Shirt: Target, $9

Jeans: Hot Topic, $38

Denim Jacket : H&M, $50

Shoes: Alfani

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