3.19.16 | Outfit of the day

The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Block Party in Dallas was definitely one for the books, but before I log that memory let’s log another ‘Outfit Of The Day’ (OOTD). I usually only feature my OOTDs on my Instagram account, but I have now decided to feature them on my blog as well. With that being said here is the first OOTD to be featured on

3.19.16 OOTDThis casual outfit is perfect for any type of on-the-go day. Although I chose to wear a green shirt for the festivities you can easily opt out for a different color. When creating your looks keep in mind what colors are trending for the season, in this case the olive-green of the shirt has been a popular color trend for both fall/winter and spring/summer. For spring and summer olive-green will pair well in any outfit that features desert tones; creating sort of a minimalist look for the season.

Now for some other pertinent info: Where to buy?! Below I have listed where you can purchase the items featured in this OOTD, and also the retail price at the time of purchase.





Shirt: Target, $9

Jeans: Hot Topic, $38

Denim Jacket (on waist): H&M, $50

Sneakers: Nike Air Max 90, $100 (Available at any shoe store.)

Sunglasses: Forever 21, $6

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