Ciara’s New Future

Ciara and Russell Wilson are officially engaged! The R&B singer and Seattle Seahawks quarterback announced their engagement earlier today on social media with a video of themselves on vacation.

But is the news of their engagement really a shocker? We can’t say that we’re too surprised by the news as we’ve watched the couple fall head over heels for one another since they began dating in April. What is a bit of surprise is the amount of tweets from fans that have shared quite funny and petty thoughts about the news and how Ciara’s ex, Future, will take the news.

There are more tweets from where those came from, and all of them in some form incorporate a pun with Future’s name.

Now that the news has surfaced, Future fans speculate that the March Madness rapper will soon be dropping new music in spite of his ex’s engagement. It wouldn’t be as surprising, as Future has expressed how he feels about Ciara and Russell’s relationship, as well as his thoughts on co-parenting with Ciara.

The sharing of his thoughts on Twitter is what exactly landed Future in a $15 million defamation lawsuit from Ciara in February.

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