#StyleOnTheStreet | Christen

For awhile now I’ve been considering featuring ‘#StyleOnTheStreet’ in the fashion section of my blog. The hashtag and now new content for showcases your average Joe’s personal style and how they rock it. In these posts I will give you the rundown on a stranger’s OOTD and also try to give you the details of that look as well. Let’s take a look at the first ‘#StyleOnTheStreet’ post!

In today’s #StyleOnTheStreet self-proclaimed fashionista and blogger Christen rocks an outfit for under $20 from Target. Christen’s look is ideal for any working woman, as it easily transcends from the boardroom to happy hour. For spring and summer you can never go wrong with a floral print and Christen paired hers with a lace top, which is perfect for the Texas heat.

Christen added her own personal flare to her look by tying a denim ribbon around her waist. Good job Christen!

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